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New Contact Info

January 21, 2008

Hello everyone. Please do not email my GMAIL account. I’ve neglected it for a while and all your messages are buried in a sea of spam. If you want to contact me – go to my brand spanking new Facebook page.


Jeff Schultz's Facebook profile


Guten Tag

January 19, 2008

First off, allow me to apologize for not posting or really communicating with anyone while I was gone. Wifi is hard to come by in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I am back, sleep deprived and had an amazing experience shooting over there. The whole experience was unreal. I know you have questions and I probably have answers so I promise I will do a better job with blog posts.

A Little Update

December 8, 2007

Hello everyone. Long time no talk. Sorry. Wanted to let everyone know I’m doing well, Bavaria is amazing, shooting is finished and over here the cows are very hairy.

burger time

Dear Friends, Family and Random Strangers…

November 14, 2007

As most of you know, I’m off to Bavaria to shoot a documentary. For those of you who didn’t know, I’m off to Bavaria to shoot a documentary.

Since I’ve kind of earned a reputation for being “slow” when it comes to returning emails, I’ve created this nifty blog to communicate with everyone. I know, very 2003.

For those select few, you have my cell phone number. But please only call if an emergency – it’s like $2 a minute over there. I’ll talk, sorry, post stuff when I get back and let you know how it was.

Auf Wiedersehen