Help a friend in need

Sorry all for my absence. I’ve been a promoting machine for this little documentary. And while I’ve been slow to respond to emails, one email in particular grabbed my attention. My good friend Evi Gruber – the sweet souvenir lady from Oberpfaffelbachen has opened a CafePress store to sell all of her leftover merchandise from Rampenfest. Long story short – Rampenfest has bankrupted her. She’s asked me to pass along the link to her store –

So, if you’ve been dying to get your hands on a Rampenfest T-shirt, beer stein, hat, etc, your prayers have been answered.

Post again shortly ladies and gents.




4 Responses to “Help a friend in need”

  1. ian in hamburg Says:

    So bummed you never got back to me with my questions or commented on the post I did on Oberpfaffelbachen and viral marketing.

  2. nalts Says:

    I just bought a shirt. I’m so touched by her story. Maybe my purchase can bring her from financial ruins. Even the little people can get ahead.

  3. Paul Says:

    Got mine, am a proud wearer even though I live in Hesse, Bavaria’s northerly enemy-state.

  4. Chad Says:

    Hey I got your comment on our site quite a while ago now. . Just recently looked at the site, since the band has been broken up for some time. If you still would like to use one of our songs, feel free to email me. That would be awesome. Thanks for checking us out!

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