A Message from Franz Brendl

Well, it didn’t take long for our good friend Franz Brendl to discover Facebook. Apparently they just got wifi in Oberpfaffelbachen. He’s asked me to pass along a few items to his “fans” as he calls them, and who am I to deny the Franz.

Hello Jeff, I see your movie of my Ramp has brought you success beyond your imagination. My congratulations to you my friend. I would have done some things differently, but I still find entertaining. 

As you are seeing, I’ve joined the Facebook. I feel it is a great way to tell the world of my amazing Event Marketing ideas. Would you tell my fans to join the Franz Brendl Facebook page? I am not doubting that I reach a million of friends very quickly. Probably billions. Take care now Jeff. I am hoping to speak with you more in the future, right now I am very busy with my business. 

Franz Brendl, Brendl Events

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Franz Brendl’s Facebook profile


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One Response to “A Message from Franz Brendl”

  1. Markus Brendel Says:

    Servus Franz,

    I don’t know why and when you decided to leave out the “e” in your surname. I guess you had your reasons. But let me tell you: I’ve been watching you for a long time…
    Just one question: Have you seen our granduncle Hermann recently? Or have you erased him from your memory just like you dropped the second “e” in Brendel?

    Anyway, all the best. It was nice hearing from you..

    Your cousin

    Markus Brendel

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