The Final Countdown

The documentary is finished. I shall repeat because I don’t believe it myself – The documentary is finished. The full length feature will be posted on April 4th on are so many people I would like to thank and over the course of the next week, I will. But right off the bat, thanks to TalkDemonic, Ola Podrida, and Black Before Red for offering up your music for the documentary and trailer. It’s amazing and wouldn’t be what it is without your music. Please visit their MySpace pages and give them much love.More details to come. Thanks for your comments, emails, and encouragement. I hope you like it.  


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2 Responses to “The Final Countdown”

  1. Geht das BMW Rampenfest in die Hose? Says:

    […] Sepp Unterholzer steht in den Startlöchern. Mal schauen wie weit das Ding fliegt, morgen so Jeff Schultz soll der letzte Teil der Dokumentation online sein. Inzwischen finde ich es ja trotz meiner […]

  2. Chris Says:

    OMG ….
    first, its way too long – the idea is is brilliant, why waste it to people like us, who have time to watch? your target group doesnt.
    second, it does definetely not present BMW as a winner. To be honest; i really liked the BMW 1er – now im not so sure anymore..
    third – these completely stupid teeth – hey guys: we would have understood, that they are stupid bavarian morons, just by showing the characters – no need to overdo with stuff like this, it just got on my nerves.
    fourth – when i saw the first 1,2 minutes, i thought the idea was brilliant – and it still think it is. Why the hell, Jeff are you wasting your talent in making “viral” spots? It ould have been such a great movie without bwm and these stupid teeth

    definetely not amused,

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