The Ramp Trailer

Ladies and Gentleman, I have news. First, the trailer for my documentary “The Ramp” is finished. Huge thanks to Black Before Red for providing the music. And a huge thanks to all the bands that sent me music for consideration. The song is amazing and the trailer can be viewed on YouTube and at the Rampenfest website. That’s right. I’ve created a Rampenfest site where you can check out the trailer, the movie poster I created, and soon… the full length documentary. One last bit of news – I know, I’ve been a busy man. Please join “The Ramp” Facebook Page I’ve created. I’m shallow and want lots of friends.That is all for now. More news to come.  


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8 Responses to “The Ramp Trailer”

  1. The Big Secret of a Small Town in Bavaria « BLISSFUL TRAVEL Says:

    […] more about The Ramp Trailer at Jeff Schultz’s Weblog or watch pictures from Oberpfaffelbachen at […]

  2. HotBeans Says:

    i am intrigued. I can’t tell if this ramp thing is real… or if this is some sort of mockumentary…

  3. jimsmuse Says:

    I am intrigued as well! If you want to hop on over to my blog at and tell everyone about the work life of a documentary filmmaker, I’d love to feature you and your upcoming film! In the meantime….can’t wait to find out what exactly that ramp is for!

  4. jimsmuse Says:

    OMG…should have googled before I commented. This is all part of a new BMW ad campaign and I fell for it. lmao@me

  5. Kareem Sultan Says:

    If a car is actually going to be launch off of this thing, it better have some in-car video. Wheel wells shots, under carriage shots, you name it.

  6. Le Gourmand » Das Rampenfest: Das große Geheimnis eines kleinen bayerischen Dorfes - GAP präsentiert Travel & Tourism, Hotels & Restaurants, F&B, Wellness und mehr Says:

    […] der Rampenfest Seite, bald soll der vollständige Dokumentationsfilm folgen.Mehr über den The Ramp Trailer steht auf Jeff Schultz’ Weblog, außerdem gibt es Bilder von Oberpfaffelbachen bei Flickr. […]

  7. Geht das BMW Rampenfest in die Hose? Says:

    […] Sepp Unterholzer steht in den Startlöchern. Mal schauen wie weit das Ding fliegt, morgen so Jeff Schultz soll der letzte Teil der Dokumentation online sein. Inzwischen finde ich es ja trotz meiner […]

  8. The Big Secret of a Small Town in Bavaria | Travel Blissful Says:

    […] more about The Ramp Trailer at Jeff Schultz’s Weblog or watch pictures from Oberpfaffelbachen at Flickr. bavaria, […]

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