Calling All Musicians and Groupies

I’ve assembled a rough cut and certain sections scream for music.  So, if you are in a band, date the lead singer (or drummer) of a band, or still wear tight leather pants, consider this an open call for all to send me music to be featured in my documentary.  It’s like American Idol but with good music and I promise not to judge you if it sucks.What do you get in return? You get to help a man fulfill his life long dream to make a documentary about a small Bavarian village and their giant ramp. And if it blows up, I’ll let you play at my Oscar party.

Send links/messages via Facebook. Or just post your link as a comment here. I guess that’s what it’s there for.  

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3 Responses to “Calling All Musicians and Groupies”

  1. jackdamac Says:

    You should check out A Beautiful Silence

    They rock!

  2. The Peasantry Says:

    Hey there,

    this is jeff from the peasantry. the documentary seems really awesome. we would love to have the chance to have some of our music in it. would love to talk to you about it some more. feel free to shoot us an email and we can mail you a record or something. talk to you soon.


  3. andy Clark _another day break Says:

    hey got your message on purevolume sorry its a little late, been a bit busy getting the art work done for the new release, we wud be glad to help you with some music! what sort of stuff do you need and will our stuff work? email us with some feedback thank you for your message! hope to hear from you soon andy clark adb

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